Two Big Questions July 08 2014

People have been asking me two questions all week.

The first is, “Mark, what is your favorite candle?” These candles are like my children, and as a parent, I certainly do have a favorite. The candle I like the best is the one that is the most popular, Freshly Signed Divorce Papers. Having said that, I also love the smells of Smells like a DWI, Cancelled Vacation, and Helen Keller’s Key Lime Pie.  Of course, nothing sends a better message then giving any one of these fine candles to an acquaintance or soon-to-be former friend.

The second question people have asked is, “Are any more candles coming?” The answer to that question is also yes.  We have one more summer candle that will come out within the next month that deals with love on a whole new landscape.  Pretty soon, we’ll be gearing up for a depressing fall season and a cold winter-- and all new candle scents that capture those special moments.

Until next time, happy lighting -Mark

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