Update on recent orders December 06 2014

Dear Customers,

Thanks to Reddit and a couple of other websites, but mostly Reddit, we’ve had more orders this past week than in the history of our entire company. We’ve been able to ship a lot of those orders, but not all of them. If you ordered this past week and your candles did not ship yet, they will go out this upcoming Monday, 12.8.12. (SEE EDIT)  Most people order our candles as gifts for other people. If shipping this upcoming Monday means you will not get your candles in time, or you want more specific information regarding your order, feel free to email us at Mark@flickcandles.com. Along with being the most handsome and smartest employee of the Flicking Candle Company, Mark is also in charge of answering email. He's also rarely leaves his house, doesn't make eye contact with other people, and has no social skills. Just sending a 'hello' email makes his day (he literally prints them out and hangs them on his refrigerator).  Thank you all for your orders!  -- Mark


EDIT: ....12.8.14 is the date we meant. We messed up the year....Thanks to Ashlie for pointing out we're idiots.