New Instagram, New Pics, New Candles Coming Soon March 12 2015

We recently started an Instagram account!  Follow us at flick_candles. We are proud to bring aboard our very own Instagram specialist, Aubrey. We have no idea what it takes to become an Instragram specialist, but please feel free to harass her (and send her candle pictures) at She will most likely never answer you.  Of course, you could just tag us with  #flick_candles.

As of writing this, we have four Instagram followers, which is roughly the same amount of people that call Mark their ‘Friend’. Please follow us to make us feel better and more loved. 

In other news, we've finally gotten around to getting better pictures up on the website. You’ll notice we now look halfway-professional. Big thanks to our talented photographer! I’m still going to keep the old iPhone pictures on our site for most of the candles, so you can all see what they look like without the glamour.

Lastly, Spring is right around the corner and so is our new candle line! We should be releasing them soon.  Thanks to everyone who has made this possible - Mark & Company