Flick July July 12 2015

The weather’s warm, the sun has been shining, and summer is in full gear. We ask that you tell none of this to our employees, as our candle factory is located in a basement with no windows and very little air flow. Don’t feel too bad for them though: they’ve been working hard on summer scents that we’re finally starting to release.  

I know what you’re thinking: summer is halfway over… these should have been released weeks ago! You’re right, we get it. We’re lazy and our summer scents have nothing to do with the summer, so it doesn’t even matter.

Every day for the next four days we’ll be releasing one scent a day! Starting with our favorite summer time activity… going to the dentist! Pick up our new candle “Dentist Office Waiting Room” today.  Just a heads up, this smells like cheap mouthwash.

As always, don’t tell anyone about our super secret coupon code 2for25. Enter that on the checkout page and we’ll take about $8.00 off your order. You still need to pay shipping, which is a flat $4.99 no matter what.

We also have an awesome Instagram account which you should totally check out here.  Hashtag #Flick_Candles and we’ll repost your pics of our candles, no matter how bad they might be! We have no standards. 

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As always, happy lighting -- Mark