Brotober awareness Month October 04 2015

October is the perfect month to show your Bro how much you care about him. Which is why we’ve decided to introduce a special coupon code called LeaveNoBroBehind. This coupon code lets you buy four candles for the price of three.  

Whether you get 4 Blueberry Bromances or a variety of our special candles, we want to make sure every Bro gets to smell something nice. Don’t leave your Bro out in the cold this month. Buy him scented candles. Remember, you have to Bro up before you can Bro out. 


As always, we have a news letter which we sometimes use to send out other sweet deals and announcements. You can sign up for that here. We have an Instagram account  and if you're lonely and just want to talk you can email me personally at Sometimes I respond. -- Mark