Fall Deals October 17 2015

We’d like to thank Total Sorority Move for giving us a great shout-out this past week. Check their website out here. Below is what we imagine the girls from that website look like.

In other news, we’ve officially retired Foreclosure French Vanilla.  The candle never sold really well, especially because losing your house just kind of sucks. We have a new house candle we're working on now.  We have 10 left of the Foreclosure French Vanilla's on our shelves, and we want to get rid of them… so include the coupon code SendMeYourTrash at checkout and we’ll throw one in for free if we have any left. It will take a penny off your order (which is stupid), but it will also notify our shipping department to throw in the Free Foreclosure candle. Again, there are only 10 of these left, so best of luck if you get one. Also, you actually have to order a candle for us to send you the free one. Don't be cheap. 

We’ve brought back two fan favorites for the holidays: Thanksgiving Dinner for One and Gingerbread Broken Home. We also have some new and exciting fall/winter candles coming out over the next few weeks, so keep checking us out.

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