Now Shipping to Canada!!!! November 26 2017

Welcome Neighbors to the North!!

After many requests, and with the help of UPS, our friends in all 13 provinces of Canada can now enjoy Flick Candles!    Check frequently asked questions for detailed information on international rates based on your address.

Happy Holiday Sales!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I didn’t. My mom decided to decorate the family home with centerpieces of Country Apple Yankee Candles. Thanks for your support, Mom. You never take my work seriously.

Let's show my mom (and my wife, for that matter) how great Flick Candles actually is. We have a bunch of discount codes you can punch in at checkout. Here are a few:

2for25 takes two candles and makes them (you guessed it) $25.00. People still get confused because you have to pay shipping, but it’s totally worth it.

Just want to buy one candle? Use our code ‘reddit’ ...It knocks 15% off your order.

Did you want four candles? That’s awesome. Use our code 4for3 and you’ll get four candles for the price of three. That’s the sweetest deal, and a great way to buy Christmas presents for undeserving family members.

These codes will be up and running for the next few weeks, so take advantage of us.

-- Mark