New Candles & ALS Challenge August 19 2014

It’s been a few weeks since our last update, and we have some exciting news. In a couple of weeks we’ll be unveiling our Fall & Winter collection of candles. We will be releasing them one at a time come early September through October, but you can get a sneak peek by signing up for our Big Flicking News Letter here. We’ll let our newsletter readers in on all the candles before they are unveiled.

We also pride ourselves on being followers, not leaders. And so to follow in the footsteps of everyone else we wanted to get in on the ALS challenge by dumping some ice on ourselves and donating $25 dollars to the ALS association.

In doing so, we've designated Smells Like a DWI to take the challenge for all of us.


In the spirit of the challenge we’d like to nominate you, Yankee Candle Company. You’ve got 24 hours to pour some ice over some candles and/or donate to ALS. 


Have a great week everybody -- Mark