New Candles for Dad May 17 2015

It’s the Middle of May, and Father’s Day is about a month away. If you come from a broken—or  slightly damaged—home  we’ve got you covered. Order our brand new Not My Real Dad candle. It smells of uncomfortable neglect. In all seriousness, it’s our second favorite scent behind Smells like a DWI. You should just order it.

We also want to thank iFunny for a great repost of our College Rejection Letter candle. The comments were hilarious, as well. Check it all out here.

I just want to remind everyone that we have a few secret discount codes. First, we have our 2for25 code. That will make the cost of two candles $25.00. You still will need to pay the $4.99 shipping, but it will generally save you about $8.00 on your overall purchase of two candles.

 We also have a super secret discount code that we sent out to our mailing list readers last month.  If you want future discount codes, join our Big Flicking Mailing list here. We bother you about four times a year. Sometimes our email will automatically go to your spam folders, so you actually don’t even need to delete it yourself. We’re that polite.

As always, we love our fans and customers.  Because you are lighting flicking candles in your home, I can afford to keep the electricity going in mine.  -- Mark