Well That Escalated Quickly June 25 2014

Dear everyone who has bought my candles and visited my site:

I can’t thank you enough. Until a few days ago, I had not shared these with anyone except for a few people. I showed them to some of my close friends, and when I told my wife I was going to start a candle business, she thought I was crazy-- but she supported me anyway because she legally has to.  I am both thrilled and overwhelmed that (ironically enough) Freshly Signed Divorce Papers made it to the front page of Reddit. I also want to thank,, and for the awesome write ups.

Many of you have asked me about when Freshly Signed Divorce Papers is coming back in stock. I should have everything restocked and ready to go by the middle of next week. I am also developing more scents for the fall. Some of you have asked about signing up for my currently non-working newsletter. I should have that up and running by tonight or tomorrow, and I will be announcing my new scents through there. This sudden popularity really caught me with my pants down, and I haven’t had an incident like that since 1995.

One sure-fire way to contact me now is through the ‘Contact Us’ button on my website.  Thanks again,  -- Mark

 Update 6/26: The Big Flicking Newsletter is working. You can sign up to receive emails, future coupons, announcements, and my general thoughts on life here

My Business email also works now. Feel free to email me at