Where have I been?  July 21 2017

I wrote a blog post a couple months back promising some cool stuff. And then my wife decided to go and have a baby. Well, to be fair, we knew we were having a baby for about 9 months. So you’d think we would have had some time to prepare. But then again, look at what I do for a living: I make joke candles. Joking aside, this is the best thing that has ever happened to us, and although I don’t ever want to get to personal on my company’s blog site, we’re happy the Flick Candle family has grown by one 7.5 pound daughter.

Now, back to business. I read a lot, and I listen to podcasts a lot, too. Did you know many of our presidents grew up to families with single mothers? Or that plenty of successful people never knew their dad?  By that logic, the less time I spend with my daughter, the more time I can devote to my candles and the more successful she’ll be. My wife probably thinks it’s a great idea, too; I just haven’t asked her yet.

So back to business: I scrapped a summer line of candles because I couldn’t concentrate on making them, and if I can’t get 100% proud of a candle I’m not going to publish it. Having said that, Fall Candles are coming soon, and a few more special things are in the pipelines. I know, I said that before, but now I really mean it. 

The important stuff: Stop buying two candles without using my coupon code, 2for25. You literally just give me more money than I need when you don’t use the coupon code and I spend it on stupid stuff, like portraits of myself. Also, we have a news letter that I never send any information out on, which you can sign up for here.

 As always, I appreciate every order and every time you laugh and send my site along to someone else. Keep lighting, keep reading, and thank you from my now family of three - Mark