There is nothing funny about Cancelled Vacations March 03 2020

a Pandemic? Bad weather? Not enough money? Unexpected circumstances? Whatever the cause, it stinks to have a planned vacation suddenly ripped away from you and cancelled. Let us help you air out that attitude with our sweet smelling Cancelled Vacation candle, perfect for filling any room with the wonderful smells of the tropical island you won’t be visiting. Just 52 more weeks of work and you can try again next year! 

How is your Fantasy Football Team doing? September 20 2019

Quarterback injured? Contract issues? Well, Nike hasn't dropped the Flicking Candle Company, and your receivers shouldn't drop another pass. But if they do, then we have a candle for you, or a team in your league. Send that sad sack friend of yours a "Fantasy Football Failure" Candle. Don't wait to rub it in. They would send one to you!

Celebrate Retirement March 30 2019

Is an elderly co-worker or friend finally calling it quits? The perfect gift has just arrived. While they're doing a victory lap at their job, the rest of us are still working. Give them the candle that really shows how little we care. With a wonderful blend of moth balls, discount coupons and daily specials, this candle captures that Monday through Friday smell of having literally nothing to do. Pick one up here

Glam Shots March 22 2019

Finally, after being a real company for four years now we've decided to ditch the iPhone camera and start getting some real glamor shots of our amazing products. Like an ugly girl who finally learned how to do a proper filter we're coming to you in ultra high def. 

Tis the Season December 13 2018

We have something for everyone, specially those hard to buy for, like the college students, or those trying to be one.  Freshman Fifteen Pound Cake, Frat House Basement Party, and Netflix and Chill, may be the subtle reminder that they need to get back to academics or the rec center. Then, as only we know how, why not boost the morale of the struggling student, with Bad SAT Score, and College Rejection Letter! Of course, staying with the holiday spirit, don't forget, Grandma's Last Christmas Tree, and Gingerbread Broken Home. Take advantage while the 2for25 promo lasts. From our Flicking Family to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, If we can't bring you joy, we hope we made you laugh !  

Pumpkin Spice White Girl August 28 2018

"Too Soon", they said!  It's still Summer for Season's sake! We tried to resist, but that darn Big Box Coffee Shop forced our hand. So Flick Candles proudly announces that our very own, "Pumpkin Spice White Girl" candle is in stock and ready to ship. Let our Pumpkin Spice scent last long after your Latte is finished. 

A Flicking Divorce July 05 2018

Half of America is married or single, and the other half are getting divorced. Our Freshly Signed Divorce Candle helps you celebrate your freedom. If you, or one of your Bridesmaids or Groomsmen are planning a party/get together, to help you over the rough/good times, we suggest the Flick Candle Party package. Order 5 Divorce candles and we'll package a 6th Divorce candle for free. Also consider our other candles that might be of interest for your occasion; Smells Like an Affair, My Ex is a Dirty Little S'more, Restraining Order Ocean Breeze, One Night Teakwood Stand and of course, Love Me Tinder. Make this summer, the "Summer of Fun"

(email us your story. We would love to hear from you)


Happy Fathers Day June 02 2018

"Not My Real Dad"

This candle captures the essence of the day. Get yours today and honor step dads with some sophisticated humor that your step dad didn't know you had in you.


Spring 2018 March 26 2018

With Spring, comes the health reminders. Dentist, yearly physical etc. Why not bring your favorite physician a candle this year from our Flicking Candle collection. We suggest "Dentist Office Waiting Room", for your dentist. They will appreciate your sense of humor and be a little gentler with the drill. Going for a physical? Why not bring Doc a "Pomegranate Prostate Exam." This candle will make them smile, and maybe skip part of the exam this year. Stay healthy Flicking Candle Family! As always, we really appreciate any shout out you can give us on social media. Send us an email and tell us about anything you may have shared and we'll send you an extra gift with your next order.


Was Becca Friendzoned? March 08 2018

you can now feel like you were there, with a brand new Friend Zone Candle, from our Flick Candle Collection. Our candle collection can help you through many of life's situations. Talk about us on social media, share those posts with us through our email when you order, and we'll send you  something extra with your order.

USA USA USA Go for the Gold! February 16 2018

Attention All USA Olympic Arm Chair Athletes.

The Judges clearly got it wrong. They didn't understand your artistic interpretation and you didn't win Gold. ( that wasn't a fall/fail, you meant to do that ! )  Our Strawberry Shortcomings Candle is for everyone who may come up a little short. Congratulations on being like the rest of us! 

My Fantasy Football Team Failure December 28 2017

If your team, or the team of someone you know, jumped the rails at sometime during the 2017 season, then treat them, or yourself to one of our "Fantasy Football Failure" candles. These candles have the fresh cut grass scent, of a football field that is prepared for the playoffs, and unfortunately, your 2017 team knows nothing about that. Losing at Fantasy Football has become a time honored tradition for some of us. My No. 1 pick either gets hurt, or hurts someone else, and either way, my team becomes a drop and add nightmare of despair. Light up one of these beautiful candles, or put it on the mantle as a reminder, there is always next year.

Now Shipping to Canada!!!! November 26 2017

Welcome Neighbors to the North!!

After many requests, and with the help of UPS, our friends in all 13 provinces of Canada can now enjoy Flick Candles!    Check frequently asked questions for detailed information on international rates based on your address.

Happy Holiday Sales!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I didn’t. My mom decided to decorate the family home with centerpieces of Country Apple Yankee Candles. Thanks for your support, Mom. You never take my work seriously.

Let's show my mom (and my wife, for that matter) how great Flick Candles actually is. We have a bunch of discount codes you can punch in at checkout. Here are a few:

2for25 takes two candles and makes them (you guessed it) $25.00. People still get confused because you have to pay shipping, but it’s totally worth it.

Just want to buy one candle? Use our code ‘reddit’ ...It knocks 15% off your order.

Did you want four candles? That’s awesome. Use our code 4for3 and you’ll get four candles for the price of three. That’s the sweetest deal, and a great way to buy Christmas presents for undeserving family members.

These codes will be up and running for the next few weeks, so take advantage of us.

-- Mark

The Holidays are here! November 21 2017

From our Flicking Family to yours, thank you!  The busy shopping season is upon us and our shelves are stocked.  There's something for everyone on your list.

My Ex is a Dirty Little S'more August 07 2017

It’s about time to dump that summer fling and move on with your life. And even though you promised to be friends and treat each other with respect, let’s be honest: they are already talking bad about you behind your back, and you should do the same. To commemorate all of those bad decisions you called your boyfriend (or girlfriend) we’re proud to launch our brand new candle, “My Ex is a Dirty Little S’more.” 


Just like a S’more, your ex probably started out as a treat and quickly turned into a crummy, sticky mess. We’ve captured that experience with the perfect blend of chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow, and regret. You can purchase one for yourself here. It also makes a great gift and an ideal way to tell your friend, "I told you so."

As always, you can follow us on Instagram @Flick_Candles or sign up for our newsletter that we never really use here. You can also like us on Facebook. We're so close to 3,000 'Likes,' and even though it's completely meaningless, we could brag if we had more.  

As always, keep lighting -- Mark

How to cook a candle August 04 2017

Did you ever sit there and wonder how we make our candles? No? Well, I made a video anyway.

I’m a huge fan of an online cooking show called “Binging with Babish.” For those of you who don’t know who he is, he combines two of my favorite things: food and watching TV. He makes food that was specifically mentioned in a TV show, and, as of this week, video games, too. You should check his stuff out here. 

I can’t cook. But I do make candles. So, inspired by his work, I tried to make my own show on how to cook a candle. I hope you like it, but even if you don’t, there is only going to be one episode. Below is the video:


 Disclaimer: The “Binging with Babish” show did not endorse this video or my candle ahead of time. Some would call that a creepy, others might call it being a dedicated fan. I hope he likes it.  

Where have I been?  July 21 2017

I wrote a blog post a couple months back promising some cool stuff. And then my wife decided to go and have a baby. Well, to be fair, we knew we were having a baby for about 9 months. So you’d think we would have had some time to prepare. But then again, look at what I do for a living: I make joke candles. Joking aside, this is the best thing that has ever happened to us, and although I don’t ever want to get to personal on my company’s blog site, we’re happy the Flick Candle family has grown by one 7.5 pound daughter.

Now, back to business. I read a lot, and I listen to podcasts a lot, too. Did you know many of our presidents grew up to families with single mothers? Or that plenty of successful people never knew their dad?  By that logic, the less time I spend with my daughter, the more time I can devote to my candles and the more successful she’ll be. My wife probably thinks it’s a great idea, too; I just haven’t asked her yet.

So back to business: I scrapped a summer line of candles because I couldn’t concentrate on making them, and if I can’t get 100% proud of a candle I’m not going to publish it. Having said that, Fall Candles are coming soon, and a few more special things are in the pipelines. I know, I said that before, but now I really mean it. 

The important stuff: Stop buying two candles without using my coupon code, 2for25. You literally just give me more money than I need when you don’t use the coupon code and I spend it on stupid stuff, like portraits of myself. Also, we have a news letter that I never send any information out on, which you can sign up for here.

 As always, I appreciate every order and every time you laugh and send my site along to someone else. Keep lighting, keep reading, and thank you from my now family of three - Mark

Freshly Signed Divorce Papers June 26 2017

A gift can sometimes be a symbolic gesture. To receive one of our "Freshly Signed Divorce Papers" candles can be both symbolic and liberating. The cold throw of our candle will fill your room with a crisp Honeysuckle and Jasmine scent. And when you light that beautiful candle, the warm throw smells like freedom. Order one for yourself, or let your former bridesmaids/groomsmen, treat you to this gift. They can gather with you, as you light this baby like the Olympic Torch of a dissolved relationship. Either way, you win, and sometimes winning feels pretty good!

Happy Fathers Day - Not April 06 2017

You may not be my real Dad, but that doesn't make you a bad guy. To honor you on this most righteous day, I present you with the "Not My Real Dad" candle. This is a real collectable, hand made in our South Jersey Factory from pure soy. So next time you are tracing your Ancestry, stop the search and enjoy the Father/Step Child relationship, that has Love, Tradition, and Difficulty wrapped in a gauche Gift.

Hello 2017 January 04 2017

Dear Fans,

2016 wasn’t great for most normal people, but it was awesome for us. We sent out thousands of candles all across the country and, hopefully, made our customers laugh. We know for a fact (based on some nasty emails) that we also made some customers cry. These candles are meant to be funny… so make sure the person you’re sending them to can take a joke. Otherwise, they just yell at us.

2017 has a lot in store! We will be putting out some new candles and retiring others. Look for those announcements soon. As always, please light our candles responsibly. -- Mark

Jamming out for Christmas Shopping December 13 2016

Right now all candles being ordered are shipping within 24-48 hours. Our workers are taking 0 days off and we've canceled all breaks too. They love it!

Just a quick update: We have two coupon codes you could use. 2for25 and 4for3 Both take money off your total order depending on how many candles you put in the shopping cart.  Stay classy. -- Mark

2 Candles for 25 dollars? SHUT UP November 16 2016

It’s November and we’re full steam ahead at the Flick Candle sweat shop…I mean reputable business factory that follows all OSHA workplace standards. We even started giving our employee’s ‘sun time’ where we let them see the sun for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes each day.


We also have a great discount code called ‘2for25’ that takes your order of 2 candles or more and reduces the cost to 25 dollars. You still have to pay for shipping which is a flat $4.99. Don’t complain, it’s still a great deal. --  Mark

Pumpkin Flavored Cigarette Candles are back! October 02 2016

We don’t always agree with your life choices, but if you’re going to indulge in that sweet craving for pumpkin, you might as well light up our Nicotine Pumpkin Patch candle.

It’s never to late to add nicotine patches to your daily cigarette regime. My own grandmother used to smoke a pack a day, chew nicotine gum, and wear a nicotine patch on each arm, and she lived to be 45.

Buy one here for the smoker in your life, because you might not get another opportunity! (I’m implying these candles are limited for the season, not that your smoking loved ones will pass away; don’t make connections that aren’t there…RIP GRANDMOM).

Make America Grape Again August 02 2016

Have you ever looked at Donald Trump and thought, “What does that man smell like?” You don’t have to wonder anymore, thanks to our newest addition to Flick Candles:

Make America Grape Again

Maybe you thought America was never that grape to begin with. You’re wrong. America has always been grape and now, with this new huge scent and upcoming election, it’s about to get Graper. This scent is so huge and so great that you’re going to love it, I guarantee it.   

To make this candle, we’ve blended the hopes and dreams of the Republican Party with a small splash of Xenophobia to give it that ‘kick’ that’ll be sure to rock your senses.

Get your hands (and nose) on the grapest candle we’ve ever made by clicking here to order. We decided to release this candle even though every single lawyer told us it was a pretty bad idea. Order while supplies last, or until we get sued. 

Disclaimer: This candle might not actually smell that ‘Grape,’ but neither do Trump’s promises, so it doesn’t really matter. As long as you believe it does, it will.

Summer 2016 July 23 2016

How Hot is it? We are heating our wax with nothing more than the afternoon sun. Speaking of some other hot deals, check out "Sandcastles and Sunburn" and "Hermit Crab Memorial." Both of these candles capture the feel of the shore, the heat, the sun and the despair. Going out tonight? You take the Uber and buy the "Smells Like a DWI" candle for your friend. And by the way, after your night out, our "Love Me Tinder" candle can remind you of the close encounter you didn't have.

Love Me Tinder May 08 2016

Spring is in full bloom and that means new life, new love, and new relationships that are all bound to end in disappointment. What better way to celebrate than with our newest candle Love Me Tinder?


We have more great stuff on the way, so check back soon. -- Mark

So Much More Coming Soon April 26 2016

Spring and summer are right around the corner, and so is our new candle line. We’re super excited over here because we have some awesome candles coming out that will knock your socks off….or at the very least make you laugh a little bit.  Stay tuned, -- Mark

Strawberry Shortcomings March 15 2016

Dear Flicking Fans,

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated, and I’m sure none of you care about what we’ve been up to, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Just like a grandparent that’s overstayed his welcome, we’ve cleaned house and kicked some candles out to the retirement home.  Fantasy Football failure, Gingerbread Broken home, and Nicotine Pumpkin Patch are all gone for the season. 

Now for something completely new! We held a contest in 2014 that we never followed up on. We wanted the fans to name our new strawberry-scented candle. We finally got around to it, and we are proud to introduce Strawberry Shortcomings.


There were a lot of hilarious submissions, including Sexual Tension Strawberry, Sex Tape Strawberry, and Strawburial (morbid). We had two fans both independently send us Strawberry Shortcomings. Thank you, Rachel and Ivette. You guys win our longest contest ever. We’ll be sending you a bunch of candles as a thank you.


We’ll have some more new candles coming your way in the near future. And as a final thank you, we’d like to give a formal shout out to The Pipefitter. They’re a cool store and they just got cooler because they are carrying our candles. Check them out here.

Our Presidential Candles Make Good Scents March 03 2016

Just what you need on the last days of winter....Candles that make Scents. (we worked that joke in twice).

A shout out to "The Pipefitter" of Madison Wisconsin. Their Fine Store now features a great collection of Our Flick Candles along with many other unique gifts.

Thank you again for rolling the dice with us.


Holy Hoda and Kathie Lee! January 08 2016

Yesterday I was a guy working out of a small, cramped factory with no windows. Today, I’m still doing that, but now I can proudly say that we were featured on TODAY with Kathie Lee and Hoda. I suppose we now need a candle that smells like pre-noon wine.


They reviewed our Frat House Basement Party, Blueberry Bromance, Fantasy Football Failure, and our fan favorite Freshly Signed Divorce Papers.  They also did a great job of recapping how we got started: when I refused to write a term paper and decided to make a candle instead. If there is one thing this new success has taught me, it’s that procrastination sometimes does lead to better things. A true American Dream.

Special thanks to all our fans and supporters out there. Anyone who’s ordering two candles or more, be sure to use our '2for25' discount code. If you want to order the four candles they reviewed today (or any four candles) please use our discount code ‘HolyHoda’ and you can have 4 candles for the price of three.

Check out our stellar Instagram account here, run by our Instagram Specialist, Aubrey. Sign up to our Big Flicking Newsletter here, and, as always, thanks for stopping by. – Just Mark

OH MY GOD THANK YOU!!! January 08 2016

We will have a full blog post later, but I just wanted to give a big thanks to Kathie Lee & Hoda for featuring our products on their show today. We are floored, blown away, and so excited. Thank you. Thank you.  -- Mark

To everyone ordering: If you would like a discount use our code 2for25. 

Happy Flicking Holidays December 02 2015

First, we’d love to give a shout-out to for putting us on a list of the best worst gifts to give. Thanks for the kind words and for 6th place. Hopefully next year we can make the top 3.

Secondly, we have some great coupon codes we rarely advertise, but I’m going to put them all here. You can only use one per purchase, so pick whichever one suits you and use it! Otherwise, you’re just sending us extra money-- which we will totally take but don’t really need considering we pay our workers below minimum wage and don't provide them with health care.  

2for25- This takes about 8 dollars off a two-candle order. You can use it for 3 candles as well, but I don’t really know what it does then.

The coupon code ‘reddit’ will take about 15% off your entire order, regardless of however many you buy (...this is a limited coupon code, so if it doesn’t work it means they’ve all been used up).

LeaveNoBroBehind gives you 4 candles for the price of 3.

And our favorite coupon code is ‘sendmeyourtrash’ 

With this code, we will literally send you a crappy candle we messed up with. The color could be wrong, the scent might be bad, or it’s a candle we’ve just discontinued and have laying around. If we have any trashy candles, we’ll send them to you!

 Those are the codes. Pick one and use it, or don’t, I don’t care. Happy Holidays – Mark & Friends

NETFLIX & CHILL November 08 2015

Let’s give a Big Flicking Welcome to the newest candle to join our family: NETFLIX & CHILL.

There is no better way to spend these long, cold, winter nights than on the couch with that person you just found on that dating app.  You both probably went through at least 10 people before you saw each other’s pictures and said “Eh, good enough.” If that isn’t love, we don’t know what is.  Celebrate the romance, and buy this candle while supplies last! Check it out here. Below is a picture of who we think would love this candle.



We also have a deal called 2for25. Just type that code in at checkout and it takes about $8.00 off your overall order. You still have to pay for shipping, though (it’s $4.99 so don’t get all mad about it). Other great candles that go well with Netflix & Chill include One Night Teakwood Stand, Surprise Baby Powder, and of course, Freshly Signed Divorce Papers.

Fall Deals October 17 2015

We’d like to thank Total Sorority Move for giving us a great shout-out this past week. Check their website out here. Below is what we imagine the girls from that website look like.

In other news, we’ve officially retired Foreclosure French Vanilla.  The candle never sold really well, especially because losing your house just kind of sucks. We have a new house candle we're working on now.  We have 10 left of the Foreclosure French Vanilla's on our shelves, and we want to get rid of them… so include the coupon code SendMeYourTrash at checkout and we’ll throw one in for free if we have any left. It will take a penny off your order (which is stupid), but it will also notify our shipping department to throw in the Free Foreclosure candle. Again, there are only 10 of these left, so best of luck if you get one. Also, you actually have to order a candle for us to send you the free one. Don't be cheap. 

We’ve brought back two fan favorites for the holidays: Thanksgiving Dinner for One and Gingerbread Broken Home. We also have some new and exciting fall/winter candles coming out over the next few weeks, so keep checking us out.

As always, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. There are about 15,000 more Likes on the Facebook page ‘Grass’ than there is on our actual page and grass doesn't do anything but turn brown and need to be cut. Please Like our page, so we can compete with grass.  -- Mark

Brotober awareness Month October 04 2015

October is the perfect month to show your Bro how much you care about him. Which is why we’ve decided to introduce a special coupon code called LeaveNoBroBehind. This coupon code lets you buy four candles for the price of three.  

Whether you get 4 Blueberry Bromances or a variety of our special candles, we want to make sure every Bro gets to smell something nice. Don’t leave your Bro out in the cold this month. Buy him scented candles. Remember, you have to Bro up before you can Bro out. 


As always, we have a news letter which we sometimes use to send out other sweet deals and announcements. You can sign up for that here. We have an Instagram account  and if you're lonely and just want to talk you can email me personally at Sometimes I respond. -- Mark

Campaign Candles September 24 2015

The presidential election is only 410 days away. We’ve raised the bar on flimsy lawn signs and faded bumper stickers. There’s no better way to show your support for a candidate than by making your entire house smell like them.

We’ve selected some great candidates that are running in this upcoming election and captured their essence in our carefully hand-crafted soy candles. These candles are 100% made in an American basement factory with no windows, horrible working conditions, and unpaid overtime—just like the politicians themselves.

It goes without saying: these are limited-edition candles and will only stay as fresh as the candidates themselves. If you don’t see your favorite candidate up there, we’re sorry. We wanted to make a Donald Trump candle, but we don’t want to get sued… which we were told was pretty much 100% likely. Also, unlike our regular line of candles, these do not have any text written on the backs of them.

We want to do something great for America by making this the best-smelling election of all time.  Your move, Yankee Candle.

-- Mark