Our pumpkin scented candles will literally crush your children September 19 2015

There’s a chill in the air and with that comes our favorite Fall Candles. We’re just downright addicted to our sweet smelling Nicotine Pumpkin Patch. All season you can order this candle for the non-special completely regular price of $16.99.


We also have a couple of coupon codes that you need to use. First, we have a code called 2for25. Use this when you order any two candles and it will knock the price down to 25 dollars for two candles. We know, 2for25 actually comes out to a total order of 29.98. Shipping is still $4.99.  Without the code your overall order is about 38 dollars with shipping, so stop complaining that it doesn't make sense and just thank us. There is another code called 'reddit' that will take about 15% off your entire purchase. You can't combine coupons so pick whichever you like to use. 

We also have a super sweet newsletter. You can join it by clicking here. We never give out your email address unless someone pays us a lot of money. Nobody has yet to pay us any money, so your email is safe with us...for now. We also have an Instagram. You can follow us here. Lastly, we have a facebook page with over 2,000 Likes. Yankee Candle has over 1.3 million Likes on their page. If we could get kind of close to that you'd be doing us a big favor, thanks in advance. 

 We have some new candles coming out and some old ones coming back soon. Keep checking us out and we'll keep checking you out, in a totally non-creepy way. -- Mark

One last candle for the summer of 2015 August 25 2015

The end of summer is upon us, and that means Fall stuff is coming soon. Before we gear up for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, cable-knit sweaters, and fall romances that die like the leaves, we thought it only appropriate that we  send off the summer of 2015 with one last candle.

For customers and fans that don’t know, our company headquarters is based right near the pristine beaches of the jersey shore.  We have a lot of shore towns and most every boardwalk sells hermit crabs. As a rite of passage, every year children around the region buy these crabs—and then are taught about the circle of life as they lay their new, beloved pet to rest a few days later, without the little crab ever even using his really cool home they bought for him (with accessories!).

 So we wanted a grand send-off to the summer by honoring these little guys with our Hermit Crab Memorial Candle.You may have only been a super-expensive lesson in cheap tourist souvenirs, but you’ll always be in our hearts and our rental house backyards. #NeverForget

August 2015 Coupon codes, new candles, and more August 07 2015

We’re turning up the summer heat at Flick Candles. First, if you haven’t seen it already, we have an awesome 2015 summer collection of candles that are worth buying. Many of these have absolutely nothing to do with summer, but we don’t care.

We’ll have one more summer candle coming out next week but it will be a limited edition. We’re only going to sell a select number and it will only be around for a month. Stay posted.

In other news, and we’re way more proud of this than we should be, you can check out a nice feature in this month’s American Bar Association Journal. Divorce lawyers have featured our Freshly Signed Divorce candle and we couldn’t be happier.


We have a sweet little promotion we’re running right now as well. I recently did an AMA on Reddit and I offered a coupon code called REDDIT which takes 15% off your order. It can’t be combined with any other order but we have about 50 or so of these coupons left. So if you are ordering from us try and use the code, hopefully there will be some left!

As always, sign up for our newsletter and check us out on Instagram.

Reddit AMA right now 8.4.2015 August 04 2015

Hey all. I'm currently doing a very enlightening and eye opening tell-all AMA on Reddit that really gets to the seedy underbelly of the candle industry. I am doing this tonight because I literally have nothing else to do. My user name for this Mark_FlickCandles

Feel free to log on, ask me any question you'd like. Or don't, that's fine too. -- Mark

EDIT: I'm going to bed now. Thanks to anyone who participated in the Q&A

Flick July July 12 2015

The weather’s warm, the sun has been shining, and summer is in full gear. We ask that you tell none of this to our employees, as our candle factory is located in a basement with no windows and very little air flow. Don’t feel too bad for them though: they’ve been working hard on summer scents that we’re finally starting to release.  

I know what you’re thinking: summer is halfway over… these should have been released weeks ago! You’re right, we get it. We’re lazy and our summer scents have nothing to do with the summer, so it doesn’t even matter.

Every day for the next four days we’ll be releasing one scent a day! Starting with our favorite summer time activity… going to the dentist! Pick up our new candle “Dentist Office Waiting Room” today.  Just a heads up, this smells like cheap mouthwash.

As always, don’t tell anyone about our super secret coupon code 2for25. Enter that on the checkout page and we’ll take about $8.00 off your order. You still need to pay shipping, which is a flat $4.99 no matter what.

We also have an awesome Instagram account which you should totally check out here.  Hashtag #Flick_Candles and we’ll repost your pics of our candles, no matter how bad they might be! We have no standards. 

Remember that we have a newsletter that gives some great company updates. Sign up for that here. We usually send the newsletter right to your spam folder so you won’t even get it probably. Sign up anyway.

As always, happy lighting -- Mark

Goodbye June! June 30 2015

It’s been one crazy month for us over at Flick Candles. First, we’ve brought Fantasy Football Failure out of retirement. Don’t let the opportunity to own one slip out of your hands like the sports career you never had. Order one here.

In Touch magazine paid us tribute in their “Not Hot” section. Being labeled as ‘Not Hot’ feels just like high school all over again. …And the fact that print magazines still exist also makes me feel like I’m back in high school.

Next week, we’ll have all new candles coming out. It’ll be the last of our summer collection. You’ll enjoy them.

Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram, and if you order two candles use the discount code 2for25. If you don’t use that code you’re just giving us extra money. This is something we appreciate but don’t need because we’re making enough to keep the lights on. Thanks! Happy Lighting -- Mark

New Candles for Dad May 17 2015

It’s the Middle of May, and Father’s Day is about a month away. If you come from a broken—or  slightly damaged—home  we’ve got you covered. Order our brand new Not My Real Dad candle. It smells of uncomfortable neglect. In all seriousness, it’s our second favorite scent behind Smells like a DWI. You should just order it.

We also want to thank iFunny for a great repost of our College Rejection Letter candle. The comments were hilarious, as well. Check it all out here.

I just want to remind everyone that we have a few secret discount codes. First, we have our 2for25 code. That will make the cost of two candles $25.00. You still will need to pay the $4.99 shipping, but it will generally save you about $8.00 on your overall purchase of two candles.

 We also have a super secret discount code that we sent out to our mailing list readers last month.  If you want future discount codes, join our Big Flicking Mailing list here. We bother you about four times a year. Sometimes our email will automatically go to your spam folders, so you actually don’t even need to delete it yourself. We’re that polite.

As always, we love our fans and customers.  Because you are lighting flicking candles in your home, I can afford to keep the electricity going in mine.  -- Mark

Flick April 2015 April 04 2015

It’s been one heck of a month at Flick Candles. We’re proud to report that we’ve been spotted on the Chive. Thank you, Sebastian, for the killer press. We also hit the airwaves in Boston with a great shout-out for our FRAT HOUSE BASEMENT PARTY candle, thanks to JAMN 94.5.

We also introduced our ‘Retired Candles’ section. This is the perfect place to showcase the candles that you can no longer buy. There is literally no reason to go there. But check it out anyway.

We also released our first Spring candle: Lemon Lesbiance. We wanted to pay tribute to all the women out there that dig other women. We’ve got two new candles coming out next week. Check out our Facebook page or our Instagram to see them soon.

Also, we have a mailing list that we use to release some coupon codes and sneak-peaks from time to time. Sign up for it here.

New Instagram, New Pics, New Candles Coming Soon March 12 2015

We recently started an Instagram account!  Follow us at flick_candles. We are proud to bring aboard our very own Instagram specialist, Aubrey. We have no idea what it takes to become an Instragram specialist, but please feel free to harass her (and send her candle pictures) at She will most likely never answer you.  Of course, you could just tag us with  #flick_candles.

As of writing this, we have four Instagram followers, which is roughly the same amount of people that call Mark their ‘Friend’. Please follow us to make us feel better and more loved. 

In other news, we've finally gotten around to getting better pictures up on the website. You’ll notice we now look halfway-professional. Big thanks to our talented photographer! I’m still going to keep the old iPhone pictures on our site for most of the candles, so you can all see what they look like without the glamour.

Lastly, Spring is right around the corner and so is our new candle line! We should be releasing them soon.  Thanks to everyone who has made this possible - Mark & Company

It's cold outside, but Flick Candles is just getting Hotter. February 17 2015

There’s a lot of snow being dumped on us this week, but that isn’t dampening our fire. We’re stoked to be able to say we’ve been featured on The Huffington Post for the second time! Check out Carly Ledbetter’s recent article on We also had a great write up by Lauren Jacobsen in the Sun Times. Thank you!

We also wanted to answer a question we’ve been getting a lot this week: Which candles are being sent to the retirement home? Thanksgiving Dinner for One was a limited time candle that will be put out to pasture. We’re also going to throw Gingerbread Broken Home in the trash. Being kicked to the curb is Nicotine Pumpkin Patch. Lastly, we’re punting Fantasy Football Failure off the gridiron. If you want to order any of these, then do it soon-- they’ll be gone by mid-March or sooner.

Please don’t feel bad for these candles. They’ve served their purpose, and we need to make room for new upcoming candles.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive information about new things here. We only email you like four times a year at most.  Thanks! -- Mark

Welcoming all Lawyers February 08 2015

When we created our first line of candles, we weren’t really thinking of lawyers… but we’re proud to say that they’ve become some of our best customers! This past week we’ve even had some great exposure from Law Blogs.’s Staci Zaretsky said we’re “simply ideal for law office décor.”  And Sam Glover called us “Legal Aromatherapy” on  

Thank you both for the awesome shout-outs! We take back every bad thing we ever said about lawyers…not that we ever said anything bad.

In other news, we’ll have some new candles coming soon, and we’ll be retiring others. If you’re afraid one of your favorite candles is getting retired, just be on the safe side and order a bunch. That’ll help us both out.   -- Mark

January Flicking Update January 25 2015

January has proven to be a great month for us to get stuff done around the dungeon, I mean office. Our website is slowly being updated & upgraded. Long time fans of our FAQ section & Press Page will notice the smooth new look. The other sections still look like the work of a middle school web design class, but we’re fixing them too.

In a week or so, we’ll have all new (and better) pictures of our current products, and we’ll be in the final stages of launching our new candle line for the spring of 2015. If you want a sneak peek at our new candles before anyone else, join our Big Flicking News Letter. We send out about four emails year, so we won’t bother you too often.

We still have our secret code, 2for25, that you should use to order two or more candles.  Also, if you’re interested in wholesale for your store (or if you just love our candles and want them in mass quantities), direct your questions to He’s our employee of the month and really handsome. --- Yours Truly, Mark

PS: To be Eco-friendly & safe, we’ve started packing many of our candles with complementary pages of our local Newspaper, The Press of Atlantic City. Feel free to read the articles.

Happy New Years!! December 31 2014

2014 has been a great year for us—and hopefully you, too!—but definitely for us.  

And we’re proud to announce that we’ve got some big things happening in 2015. First, we’re getting a professional photographer to replace all of my crappy iPhone pictures. We also have a (from what I’m told) a competent web developer whose going to make our site look like less of a train wreck.

And as for candles! We’ve got new ones brewing. We’ll be releasing at least three new candles over the next month and we’re almost done with picking a winner for the Strawberry naming contest that we totally haven’t forgotten about.

Enjoy the last night of 2014. See you all next year -- Mark

Just another quick update to all customers: December 13 2014

We have another massive set of shipments going out Monday. If you ordered this past week and haven’t received a shipping email, you should be getting one Monday (12.15).

If you have any questions or special requests, just email He’s sitting at his computer just waiting for your email.

We also wanted to update our customers on the strawberry naming contest. We realized we said we’d have a winner picked by now, but the problem is we have literally hundreds of submissions and some really funny avenues to choose. Since this will be a spring scent, we want to do it right and not rush it. We promise we’ll be revealing the winner and label soon.

In other news, if you order two (or more) candles, make sure you use the secret coupon code: 2for25. If you don’t, we’ll laugh at you-- not with you.

Lastly, we have a big flicking newsletter that comes out every couple of months. Sign up here.

With love, -- Mark

What an awesome week! December 08 2014

We made it onto Tosh.0!!! ....well, we made it onto their blog at least. Thanks to Sam Jarvis for the post! We’ll send you some free candles if you send us your address.

We’ve also figured out that if you want our candles by Christmas, you will need to be place your order by December 18th.  There’s still a chance that orders placed after the 18th will arrive by Christmas, but this is our ‘safe date.’  

If you have specific questions, please ask Mark. You can reach him at The more emails he gets, the more excited he gets about life in general. He is also planning a company party but his wife won’t let them use their house.


PS: 2for25 is a super secret discount code. USE IT.

Update on recent orders December 06 2014

Dear Customers,

Thanks to Reddit and a couple of other websites, but mostly Reddit, we’ve had more orders this past week than in the history of our entire company. We’ve been able to ship a lot of those orders, but not all of them. If you ordered this past week and your candles did not ship yet, they will go out this upcoming Monday, 12.8.12. (SEE EDIT)  Most people order our candles as gifts for other people. If shipping this upcoming Monday means you will not get your candles in time, or you want more specific information regarding your order, feel free to email us at Along with being the most handsome and smartest employee of the Flicking Candle Company, Mark is also in charge of answering email. He's also rarely leaves his house, doesn't make eye contact with other people, and has no social skills. Just sending a 'hello' email makes his day (he literally prints them out and hangs them on his refrigerator).  Thank you all for your orders!  -- Mark


EDIT: ....12.8.14 is the date we meant. We messed up the year....Thanks to Ashlie for pointing out we're idiots.

To all the Redditors who stopped by today: November 30 2014

Dear Redditors,


We don't know where it is, but one or a few of you posted our candle shop to reddit today and blew us away with page hits and orders. We just want to send you all a special thank you for visiting and sharing our site.  You don't know how much this does for our little company. Thank you thank you. -- Mark

Thanksgiving Thanks November 27 2014

To Everyone,

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. We appreciate everyone who has clicked, liked, shared, laughed, or purchased our candles. We are grateful to all of the websites that shared our candles with their viewers and the nice things you’ve all said about us. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody! – Mark & The Flick Candles.

Ten Days left for Thanksgiving Dinner for One November 17 2014

Dear Flicking Fans,

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which is a time to reflect on just how much poorer we could be and to simply shut up and stop complaining for a day. Also, turkey.

But this year, Thanksgiving means so much more: it means you only have 10 more days to order your very own Thanksgiving Dinner for One candle until its retired. We will be shelving it until next year, or maybe the year after. We don’t know how long it’ll be gone for, but it’s definitely going away.  Don’t let the light go out on this amazing opportunity. If you can’t have the warmth of friends and family, you can at least get some from this amazingly scented candle.

In other news, we’re still working through our latest contest to name the Strawberry-scented candle. There’s a lot more that goes into making these candles than people realize. First, we take an entire field of strawberries and light them on fire. Then, we send out scent-smelling experts to determine what enflamed strawberries smell like. Lighting strawberries on fire is expensive, and this test must be repeated multiple times to make sure we get it right. And to make the challenge even harder, we have to do this to some poor farmer without getting caught.

We’re also proud to announce we were recently featured on Headlines & Heros! Check us out over there. They had some awesome things to say about us.

We have other candles coming out soon as well, so stay tuned and sign up for our Big Flicking Mailing list. I promise we won’t sell your email address out to anyone else… unless we’re given a really good offer. -- Mark

Contests, New Retail Locations, and More candles coming soon! November 04 2014

We’ve had a lot going on this past month at Flick Candles! We’re proud to announce our second retail location: Eclectic Villa in Shreveport, Louisiana! Check our Retail Page for more information.

Our second contest will be ending today. We’ve asked you, our fans, to give us the best idea for a strawberry-scented candle. We’ve started going through your submissions, and you didn’t disappoint us. Some of your submissions are crazy… We’ll be going through them all and announcing winners in the next few weeks. We'll have a new contest soon!

Remember, if you’re ordering two candles please use our super secret code: 2for25 which cuts your order down to just $25.00 +$4.99 shipping.

Don’t forget to sign up to our Big Flicking Newsletter, too. We’ll have a few new candles out before the holidays, and we’ll be announcing them there first-- also possibly with a sweet new deal, too. 

Lastly, we had a flood of orders from the Texas region this past month and we can’t figure out why. Who was talking about us over there? 

Please keep lighting responsibly -- Mark

Happy Fall 2 Candles for $25 October 05 2014

Dear Flicking Fans,

It's officially the Fall season. We've got some exciting developments happening here at the Flicking Candle Company. First, the 3rd fiscal quarter has come to a close and it's official: our profit is up 1000% from last quarter. Mostly this is because we didn't exist last year, but, needless to say, all two of our stockholders are thrilled. Currently, you can't buy stock in our company-- but you can buy candles that are in stock here.

Secondly, we're at war with The Huffington Post. They reviewed 16 pumpkin spice candles and our very own Nicotine Pumpkin Patch didn't even make the list! We think they shafted us on purpose. Six of the 10 reviews were Yankee candles...we think big business & the Media are a little too friendly with each other. You've been put on notice, Huff Post...However, this doesn't stop ups from loving your original shout-out to us back in June. Thanks again!

Check out the contest page. We're looking for YOUR idea on new candles. Also, check out who won our last contest by default: We only had one entry.

In other news, our very popular 2for25 coupon code is back! Just type in 2for25 at the checkout screen and have our candle order of two candles just cost 24.98 + shipping! Fun fact: If you order 3 or more candles you can still use the code and it'll deduct 8.99 from your order. This is due to the fact that we don't really know how to make our cupon codes work correctly, so you win!

As always, sign up for our newsletter here. It's like a newspaper, but free and all about us.

Flick Candles Arrives in the Windy City September 18 2014

We have great news for Flicking Fans in the Chicago area! You can now purchase our candles at the very unique Judy Maxwell Home General Store located in the old town neighborhood of Chicago at 1363 N Wells St.


Judy Maxwell has the distinct honor of being the first store in the lower 48 states to carry our line of candles. They also have some other cool and unique gifts as well, so if you’re in the area definitely check them out.  Their slogan is “generally pretty good” which fits right in what we think of ourselves. If you do buy one of our candles from Judy Maxwell, please remember to light responsibly. Historically speaking, Chicago and open flames don’t mix very well.

What our Candles Actually Smell Like September 11 2014

We’re often asked what our candles smell like, and we usually respond with, “a mixture of depression and despair.” That answer isn’t always good for business, and, in truth, we think our candles smell great. But we’re not alone!

Natalie's Candle & Beauty Blog recently received some of our candles and gave us a great review. She wrote about them on her blog and also made a YouTube video, which you can see here. She describes the scent behind some of our most popular candles.

Nicotine Pumpkin Patch September 08 2014

One hallmark of the changing seasons is how everything starts to suddenly taste like pumpkin. Not to be left out, we're launching our first Fall scented candle: Nicotine Pumpkin Patch for the recreational smoker and black-lung enthusiast. If you're going through your annual attempt to quit smoking you might as well do it in the most trendy way possible, with Fall flavors.


Our newsletter members were given the inside scoop on our next few candles. We'll be launching one a week from now until it's officially hoodie weather. All members of the Big Flicking Newsletter were also put into a contest against their will, where they can win free candles. You can get in on the fun by joining here.


We're also super proud that we were recently mentioned on Elvis Duran and the morning show. We're sending some candles your way.  


Until next week, happy lighting -- Mark

1,000th Candle Sold & Contests August 30 2014

We’re proud to announce we've sold our 1,000th candle! To celebrate this milestone, we’re going to give out 1,000 more candles! If you want one all you have to do is go to this page, pick out which candle you want, go to checkout, pay for it, and we’ll send it to you. It’s that simple!

We’re also proud to announce the first of many contests. This first contest will run the entire month of September. Check it out at our new Contest Page. Winners get free candles.

We’re also one week away from announcing our first new candle. If you want a sneak peek you have to join the Big Flicking Newsletter.

Have a great Labor Day weekend. – Mark

New Candles & ALS Challenge August 19 2014

It’s been a few weeks since our last update, and we have some exciting news. In a couple of weeks we’ll be unveiling our Fall & Winter collection of candles. We will be releasing them one at a time come early September through October, but you can get a sneak peek by signing up for our Big Flicking News Letter here. We’ll let our newsletter readers in on all the candles before they are unveiled.

We also pride ourselves on being followers, not leaders. And so to follow in the footsteps of everyone else we wanted to get in on the ALS challenge by dumping some ice on ourselves and donating $25 dollars to the ALS association.

In doing so, we've designated Smells Like a DWI to take the challenge for all of us.


In the spirit of the challenge we’d like to nominate you, Yankee Candle Company. You’ve got 24 hours to pour some ice over some candles and/or donate to ALS. 


Have a great week everybody -- Mark

2 For 25 Deal August 05 2014

If you haven’t heard already, we’re offering a sweet promotional deal: 2 candles for $25. If you order two candles and type in the not-so-secret-anymore code at checkout, 2for25, your candle purchase goes from $33.98 to $24.98! You’ll still have to pay the flat shipping rate, but it’s a great deal and it’ll stay in effect for the rest of summer.

Some of you have already bought candles using the 2for25—and here are some of the combinations you bought: 





In other awesome news, we hit one of the greatest news sites: Buzzfeed. Special thanks to Buzzfeed’s own Brian Galindo for an awesome article. We’d like to send you some candles, but we don’t have your address. Apparently you don’t post it all over the internet.


Summer Loving July 28 2014

Ever have that summer relationship at the shore that just ends in threats, stalking, and good ol’ fashioned fear for your safety? We’re proud to introduce Restraining Order Ocean Breeze as our 15th and final summer candle of 2014.

This inexpensive souvenir is a great way to commemorate ‘the one that got away’ through a court-mandated order.  Also, don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list here. Until next week, - Mark




Hitting Comedy Central July 21 2014

A couple of days ago, we received a bunch of orders around 1am, and we couldn't figure out why. Despite being an online store that’s open 24/7, we can still reasonably assume that anyone browsing the internet at 1 and 2 in the morning has better things to do than order candles. Mystery solved: A special thanks to Chris Hardwick and the people over at @midnight for featuring our candle on your show.  We know you’re up for an Emmy, and if anyone asks us, we'll vote for you. Great episode and great FTW. Check it out here. Thanks also to Laura & Lauren for pointing this out to us, you two sound like sisters. 
@midnight features Flick Candles
This week we've also added a press page, so you can see who else is talking about our candles. 
People have asked me what we’ve done since the successful launch of The Flicking Candle Company. First, my dog has always wanted to go to guard-dog college and with the recent windfall we’re finally prepared to send her away for that special training. We’ve also remodeled a closet. It now has three shelves instead of two. Upper-middle class here we come!


Another Great Week July 14 2014

Although it was published on July 6th, we just recently came across a featured article on the Japanese website While we don’t understand a word they said, we’re glad they said it. The article can be seen here.

Incredible things also gave us a great shout out, as well as Geekologie. And to round out the week, Alex over at also gave us a nod. Thanks, Alex! 

We’ve also gotten some great emails over the past seven days and one stands out in particular that we had to share.  Apparently, we have a very talented poet among us, named  Mike Dailey, who wrote the following:

The Flicking Candle Company has staked out its own niche

With scents so unexpected they are bound to become rich

No scent of summer beach time or of the wildwood flower

These candles celebrate the scent of folks who need a shower

The scent of Ruined Friendship, of Unprotected Sex

The scent of Unexpected Weight Gains, of the one who’s now your ex

The scent of dear old grandma now that she rests in peace

Of Criminal Activity or your just arrested niece

Helen Keller’s Key Lime Pie, One Night Teakwood Stand

The scent of someone’s DUI, of Bromance – man to man

The Freshman 15 Poundcake, the Surprise Baby Powder

The scent of real rejection, of coming out but louder

So if you’re in the market for smells that are unique

Click on to Flicking Candles for their products really reek


Thanks, Mike! We'd nominate you for an award if we could. You'll just have to settle with a free candle coming your way in the near future. Enjoy the summer sun and light responsibly -- Mark

Two Big Questions July 08 2014

People have been asking me two questions all week.

The first is, “Mark, what is your favorite candle?” These candles are like my children, and as a parent, I certainly do have a favorite. The candle I like the best is the one that is the most popular, Freshly Signed Divorce Papers. Having said that, I also love the smells of Smells like a DWI, Cancelled Vacation, and Helen Keller’s Key Lime Pie.  Of course, nothing sends a better message then giving any one of these fine candles to an acquaintance or soon-to-be former friend.

The second question people have asked is, “Are any more candles coming?” The answer to that question is also yes.  We have one more summer candle that will come out within the next month that deals with love on a whole new landscape.  Pretty soon, we’ll be gearing up for a depressing fall season and a cold winter-- and all new candle scents that capture those special moments.

Until next time, happy lighting -Mark

PS: As always, if you want me to annoy you directly in your inbox you can always sign up for our newsletter here.

Monday Update: June 30 2014

Dear Flicking Fans,

I spent the better of this weekend ignoring all child labor laws and inviting the neighborhood kids to play ‘Factory’ as we boxed up all the weekend candle orders. Anybody who ordered one of our lovely candles Friday –Sunday, your order will ship by this afternoon.  We thank you for your order.

The other good news I have to share is that by this Thursday evening (July 3rd), we should have a huge supply of all of our favorite scents ready to go. I’m proud to say there should be no shortages of anything! I will send out a reminder to everyone on my mailing list. This Thursday: Every scent available and in large enough quantities to meet the demand.

I’m happy to say that all of this will be set up just in time for America’s Birthday. Although no shipments will go out on the 4th, you will still be able to place orders.  Enjoy! -- Mark


PS: Sign up for our newsletter here

Friday's Flicking Update June 27 2014

I had no idea there were so many drunk and divorced people who had an affinity for Helen Keller’s pastries. Freshly Signed Divorce Papers, Smells like a DWI, and Helen Keller’s Key Lime Pie have all sold out. And, I only have a few left in stock in many of my other fragrances. I could not have asked for a better start to the Flicking Candle Company.

I have found my little online shop reposted on many other sites this past week, and I want to thank everyone who shared, upvoted, and liked it. I’ve had letters from people all over the world, and plenty of you have written to me personally. This morning I saw my shop was featured on the Huffington Postthanks to Brittany Wong. Danny Cox of also gave us a great review. Brittany & Danny, you will be getting some of my finest candles sent your way once I get all of this under control.  

The good news is that I will have a much bigger stock of candles for sale in the near future; the bad news is that the near future is roughly this time next week (July 3rd or 5th).

If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, please do so.  A link can be found here. I have yet to use it, but I will notify customers through that email list once I get more supplies. I will also be using that news letter for future announcements. 

Have a great weekend!

– Mark



Well That Escalated Quickly June 25 2014

Dear everyone who has bought my candles and visited my site:

I can’t thank you enough. Until a few days ago, I had not shared these with anyone except for a few people. I showed them to some of my close friends, and when I told my wife I was going to start a candle business, she thought I was crazy-- but she supported me anyway because she legally has to.  I am both thrilled and overwhelmed that (ironically enough) Freshly Signed Divorce Papers made it to the front page of Reddit. I also want to thank,, and for the awesome write ups.

Many of you have asked me about when Freshly Signed Divorce Papers is coming back in stock. I should have everything restocked and ready to go by the middle of next week. I am also developing more scents for the fall. Some of you have asked about signing up for my currently non-working newsletter. I should have that up and running by tonight or tomorrow, and I will be announcing my new scents through there. This sudden popularity really caught me with my pants down, and I haven’t had an incident like that since 1995.

One sure-fire way to contact me now is through the ‘Contact Us’ button on my website.  Thanks again,  -- Mark

 Update 6/26: The Big Flicking Newsletter is working. You can sign up to receive emails, future coupons, announcements, and my general thoughts on life here

My Business email also works now. Feel free to email me at

Launch Day June 22 2014

Today is the official launch of the Flicking Candle Company and our site  It is with great pleasure that we can bring to the world the scents and fragrances that truly capture all of life’s achievements, disappointments, and shortcomings.

We currently have fourteen candles that can be viewed in all their glory from the catalog page. We also have some of our candles categorized into more intimate collections. The Buddy Collection celebrates all manner of friendships and is the perfect gift for any special person in your life. We also offer the precious moment’s collection that highlights everything from college rejection, divorce, unexpected pregnancy, and drunken nights that end in criminal charges.

On our Launch day we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped this dream become a reality. Thanks to Michael, Camala, Carol, Jesse, Mark, Aubrey, Kevin, Christopher, George, Susan, Amanda, Lauren, Josh, Greg, Kyle, and Mr. Erikson.  There are countless other people who have helped along the way and we want to thank them all.

While the supply of candles will keep our homes warm and smelling nice, they won’t do anything else. Please buy our candles so we can eat. Thank you.